Jack Stillwater

Jack Stillwater is a Roots-rock band, or Scandicana if you please. The band consists of four guys, with dusty boots and melancholic minds. Jack Stillwater are now releasing their long-awaited third album. The band has drawn inspiration from the Norwegian emigration to the United States, the pursuit of happiness and the rural farm-life when they now are releasing their new material. With the concept album “The Farmer Trilogy”, they will bring the listener into a world of hard work, romance, confined conditions, adventure, and man’s ever- present dark lust.  “The Farmer Trilogy” will be available digitally and on vinyl on Friday 2. September through Inner East Records and distributed by Musikkoperatørene.


Jack Stillwater is:
Terje Espenes – Lead -Vocals, guitars , Morten “Mordor” Huseby – Guitars, backing vocals,  Odd Inge Rand – Bass, Arne Harald Foss – Drums, backing vocals