Digital distribution FTW!

Okay people! One week over due, we are proud to present Muddy River.
Check out the below links for listening pleasure and purchase:

The CD will be available for purchase at the upcoming release concert at Herr Nilsen this monday!


New review of Muddy River

Norwegian newspaper Nordlys gives 4 out of 6 in their review of Muddy River. Nice review which also upgrades the review of our first record from 3 to 4. Good times! Read all about it HERE!


Release party at Herr Nilsen on monday 30th

Be sure not to miss the release party at Herr Nilsen this monday! Check out the Live section for more information!


Still waiting…

Sorry to keep you waiting for the album. In this day and age this should not be a problem, but it seems that all lines are busy and we are at the end of the line…


Digital distribution FAIL

Muddy river should have been available for purchase this friday, but it seems that communication has failed somewhere in the distribution chain.

We are sorry about this and we will be sure to let you know asap when the album is available.


New homepage up and running…

… as soon as the database problems are sorted out.