Jack Stillwater The Farmer Trilogy Release

Jack Stillwater will be releasing the third part of their farmer epic “The Farmer Trilogy” on Friday 11th of March.

A release concert will be held in Mysen at Store Kultursal, Kulturtorget on Friday 11th of March. This will be a world premier on the complete live presentation of “The Farmer Trilogy”.

There will be a limited number of tickets available for the event, sp make sure to click below and get yours!




Jack Stillwater – Pulling me Down

Jack Stillwater - Pulling me Down

Cover Art by Morten H


Pulling Me Down – MusikkOnline

Pulling Me Down – WIMP

Pulling Me Down – iTunes

Pulling Me Down – Spotify

Happy listening!
Terje, Morten, Arne Harald, Thomas and Tor Sverre


Jack Stillwater & Kristoffer Asknes @ Herr Nilsen

Sjekk ut linken under for litt mer info om split gigen med Stoffe og gutta lørdag 10. november.

Herr Nilsen

Prekast på!


More info on upcoming gigs

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Remember JS @ Herr Nilsen tonight

At 21.00 JS enters the stage at Herr Nilsen once again. This time for Musikkfest.
The whole thing is free, so we excpect to see you there! :)


Jack Stillwater @ Huseby Harvest

Jack Stillwater will be playing the Huseby Harvest 12 festival on September 15th together with Oil City Slickers,  The Ramshackles and a major TBA.

Look into the Huseby Harvest website for more information!


Jack Stillwater on No deal music

The norwegian music blog No deal music has reviewed our new album Muddy River. No rating, just a good old album review. And a good one too. Happy reading!




Thanks to everybody who turned up at the releasepery last night at Herr Nilsen. We had a great time presenting our new record.

Update with pictures from the show are on the way…


Digital distribution FTW!

Okay people! One week over due, we are proud to present Muddy River.
Check out the below links for listening pleasure and purchase:

The CD will be available for purchase at the upcoming release concert at Herr Nilsen this monday!


New review of Muddy River

Norwegian newspaper Nordlys gives 4 out of 6 in their review of Muddy River. Nice review which also upgrades the review of our first record from 3 to 4. Good times! Read all about it HERE!